What Science says about Cancer Prevention and Electromagnetic Therapy

Throughout the article we will be discussing what current scientific evidence has to say about research on the correlations between electromagnetic therapy and cancer. Does Stress or Negativity cause Cancer? The association between negative thoughts, cancer and stress is a regular topic that arises on social media and in the news. However, there is no … Read more

Why Nikola Tesla Believed PEMF Therapy Was The Future Of Medicine

The History of PEMF Mats Pemf Therapy began as a means to increase health and wellness in the late 1800’s when the great inventor Nikola Tesla discovered that passing electrical currents through the human body was harmless. This is one of the reasons why in physics, magnetic field strength is measured in “Tesla” (T). While the … Read more

10 Facts About PEMF Machines and How They Can Help You

1. PEMF machines work in conjunction with the body’s recovery processes to help relieve pain by restoring cells ability to function efficiently. Our skins, bones, and organs are composed of tiny cells. The membrane of a healthy cell has both negative and positive charges that are required for the exchange of calcium, sodium and potassium … Read more