Biomat 7000MX Review 

Blending high quality build with a sleek controller, the Biomat provides some of the best FIR health outcomes


By PEMF Mat Reviews content team

The Good 

The Bad

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Review Criteria

As with all PEMF products, we review Far Infrared (FIR) products based on the 3 factors that we found to be most important to consumers when purchasing high-end therapy mats in today’s market.


We came up with the factors based on aggregating keywords from reviews from hundreds of customers on company and distributor websites. 


Mat Features: Similar to PEMF mats, there are Far Infrared (FIR) mats that also offer additional features and/or therapeutic options. In fact, some PEMF mats double as FIR mats, such as the Multi-Wave Mat from Healthy Wave.  Some FIR mats, such as the Biomat, use an innovative system of heating crystals within the mat to produce FIR therapy as well as generate negative ions, which many people have found to have additional health benefits. 


Mat Design: Like PEMF Mats, the cost of Far Infrared mats is not insignificant. Therefore, it is important to consider the durability and functionality of mat design. With customers generally paying more than $1,000 for the best FIR mats, there is an expectation of design that focuses on maximizing durability and functionality. With extremely specific replacement parts and manufacturing processes, repairs and replacements can be costly and a cumbersome process, therefore, it is important to purchase a product that lasts for many years.  


Customer Service & Assurance: As product price increases, there is an expectation that customer service and assurance will also increase. For a majority of FIR mat products, this is true. In general, our research indicates companies that sell directly-to-consumers as opposed to those who use distributors could streamline the sales and support process slightly better, by removing the middle-man. 


Our analysis takes into account the type and duration of any warranties and guarantees, as well as the certifications a FIR product holds. Positive indicators in these categories signify a company, as well as third parties confidence in a product, something that is essential for customer assurance. 

Our First Thoughts

The Biomat 7000MX is a great product to look at, and comes with a carrying case for ease of transport. It is clear that the level of craftmanship is extremely high with the product, and it is quite comfortable to use on its own, not requiring a mat cover like the Multi-Wave mat from Healthy Wave in order to make mat use comfortable. 

The Biomat 7000MX incorporates all therapies offered by Biomat, with a concentrated combination of Far Infrared and Negative Ion therapy. These therapeutic benefits all stem from the heating of the amethyst crystals and TOCA layer within the mat, which releases heat and negative ions from the surface of the mat. 

Based on our research and experience, the Biomat is a great product, only falling behind the competition in the area of customer assurance, where their guarantees and return policies are slightly limited. 

The Multi-Wave, and Classic PEMF Mats from Healthy Wave double as Far Infrared mats, and are competitors for the Biomat. We review both products on the site. 

Biomat and Far Infrared Therapy

The Biomat product line is one of various lines produced by Richway International that focus on Far Infrared and Negative Ion therapy. Richway International is a Health technology company that was founded in 1997 in South Korea. This is where the company is currently based, although legally the company is registered in Honolulu, Hawaii. Biomat started as an experiment commissioned by the owners of a crystal mine in Korea, who were interested in replicating the healing effects of crystals that were reported by the workers employed in the mine. The current length of the Biomat Far Infrared wave is 6.5 microns, which is a naturally resonating wavelength. This is one factor that sets Biomat apart from other Far Infrared mats (more on why 6.5 microns later). 

Biomat 7000MX

The Biomat 7000MX, the most popular product in the Biomat product line, is a full-sized body mat that can be used for either personal or professional use. Only the newest versions (2019) of the 7000MX contain the TOCA (Tourmaline Catch Powder) layer. Tourmaline is a crystalline silicate mineral that is compounded with various elements. This compound has been shown to generate a higher output of negative ions when compared to amethyst crystal. For this reason more recent versions of the Biomat 7000MX are more effective at generating negative ions than older versions.



A competitor for Biomat in the Far Infrared therapy area is Healthy Wave, which we also provide reviews for on this site. There are other companies that produce Far Infrared mats (e.g. Vitamat), but we thought we would stick with products of companies that we review on this site. To our knowledge, the Far Infrared products from Healthy Wave are of a comparable high quality and have been received numerous positive reviews on multiple independent sites. See the comparison below. A major difference between the brands is that Biomats are manufactured in South Korea, while Healthy Wave products are manufactured in both USA and China. 

Far Infrared Mats Compare
Biomat 7000MX
Healthy Wave Far Infrared Mats
Certified Crystal DesignQuality
Stone VarietyPotential benefits
1 - 2
3 - 5
Option for PEMF TherapySyngeries
Money Back Guarantee Customer Assurance
7 Day Free Trial
45 Days
Price Affordability
$1,750 USD
$450 USD+

7000MX VS Biomat Mini

For those looking for a more portable and less expensive Far Infrared mat, the Biomat Mini is a great option that has most of the features of the Biomat 7000MX, as seen below, but lacks a full body application as well as the TOCA layer. Check out both products here.

Biomat ProductsCompare
SizeSpace Needed
28" x 75"
17" x 33"
Weight Mobility
28 Lbs
8.2 Lbs
EMF InterceptionProtection
Texas Instruments ControllerMobility
Carrying Case Travel

Pricing Options

The Biomat 7000MX is typically sold at a price of $1,750 USD, with a $100 discount available for emergency workers, soldiers, and first responders. Overall, we would like to see a wider range of products from Biomat in keeping with consumer demands. 

Biomat Far Infrared Therapy

Infrared is the type of heat a person feels on their skin while exposed to the sun. Currently, Far Infrared therapy is used in various medical fields with further studies being conducted to widen and improve its range of efficacies. Current infrared trials focus on delivering specific light wavelengths to injury damaged areas of the body to assist cells with their self-regenerative repair processes. Infrared, unlike harmful ultraviolet emissions, improves blood circulation to aid with the delivery of oxygenated blood to injured areas, thereby promoting quicker deep tissue healing while simultaneously alleviating injury related pain.


One of the beneficial properties of infrared light is its capacity to penetrate the skin’s layers to deliver far greater depth for effective pain relief in a natural pain-free, non-invasive package offering immense benefits to body health.

Biomat’s FIR therapy originally incorporated a combination of jade and amethyst into their mats. Based on research demonstrating that amethyst is most effective as a transmissive medium for Far Infrared therapies, mats are currently only made with amethyst crystals (and the new TOCA layer) for their superior effect.


The Biomat 7000MX delivers Far Infrared therapy focused on improving circulation, enhancing the immune system, and promoting relaxation.

FIR Health Benefits

Pain and Inflammation: 

Infrared light therapy has proven an effective, safe, painless remedy against inflammation and pain with its ability to deeply penetrate skin layers reaching the underlying muscle and bone where it improves and enhances blood flow to deliver much needed nutrition and oxygen to injured areas. Infrared treatment also improves mitochondria action within cells, which in turn triggers the repair and growth of new muscle cell tissue, thereby hastening the recovery times of muscular injuries.


Cardiovascular Health:

Infrared light improves cardiovascular health by increasing nitric oxide production, which is an essential signalling molecule in blood vessel health. Nitric oxide assists with relaxing arteries which aids with the prevention of blood clots in arterial vessels. Moreover, nitric oxide combats free radicals which in turn prevents oxidative stress and aids with regulating blood pressure. Nitric oxide forms an essential element in the improvement of blood circulation, which delivers the required additional nutrients and oxygen to injured body tissue. Infrared therapy has proven to hasten the healing of wounds by stimulating injured tissue regeneration.

Potential Cancer Treatment: 

Research studies into the application of infrared therapy as a viable cancer treatment have shown significant improvement in the activation of nanoparticles during exposure to radiation in infrared wavelengths. This method of activation renders the nanoparticles highly toxic to adjacent cancer cells.


Biomat Negative Ion Therapy

Negative ions are invisible, tasteless, odourless molecules that proliferate the air in certain types of environment. Consider how we experience the air quality while amongst mountains, on beaches, and around waterfalls. Nature creates negative ions as a result of air molecules breaking apart due to the effects of radiation, sunlight, moving water, and air.


Once these negative ions enter the bloodstream, they produce certain biochemical reactions responsible for increasing serotonin, our mood improving chemical. Serotonin relieves stress, alleviates depression levels while boosting our energy during daytime and is the reason negative-ion generators have become prolific at retailers.


Ion therapy involves the generation of negative ions in the air around the source. Ion therapy assists with alleviating the effects of allergies by filtering out allergens such as dander and dust mites.

The Biomat 7000MX produces comparable levels of negative ions as the Healthy Wave FIR mats due to its unique TOCA layer.  The addition of this specialized ionized TOCA layer allows Biomat to boost the negative ion therapy within their mat, giving a true 2-in-1-therapy benefit. Moreover, amethyst amplifies the Far Infrared Heat, and Tourmaline boosts negative ion production.


By choosing what many would argue are two of the most effective mediums (amethyst and tourmaline) to channel their respective therapies, Biomat is aiming to glean the greatest efficiency from their crystal choices, as opposed to the Healthy Wave FIR product line


Due to the silicone and teflon reverse currency heating layer with electromagnetic field (EMF) interception embedded into the mat, the Biomat 7000MX does not expose consumers to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation. However, since there are no current standards in the United States, Biomat does not publicize any specific information regarding their EMF standards.

Recap: Therapies Included

The Biomat 7000MX uses the most efficient materials to maximize therapeutic output with its 2-in-1-therapy feature. The following is a synopsis from our analysis on each of the therapies within the Biomat 7000MX. See the full analysis above. 

Biomat 7000MX Design

The Biomat 7000MX is constructed with 17 layers to provide its 2-in-1 system. Like other mats, the high quality construction does include a lot of layers reserved for insulation. The following list describes the key layers in the construction of the Biomat 7000MX that makes it an effective FIR mat. 

Biomat Customer Service

Sales Method

Like BEMER, Richway International sells their products through a distributor network that is similar in structure to a multi-level marketing (MLM) framework. However, Biomat products are not susceptible to the same mark ups as BEMER products, due to the lower concentration of distributors in their network. Richway also does not offer a direct-to-consumer (DTC) option (like BEMER does); instead they outsource sales completely to distributors. You can purchase a Biomat at any Richway licensed distributor. 


The Biomat 7000MX is an FDA certified (registered) device. This means that the FDA has reviewed the product, and has deemed it safe for consumer use within the United States. Specifically, the Biomat is an FDA Level 2 device, meaning it is safe for use and is not associated with any serious side effects. There is some misinformation on the internet indicating that Biomat is currently not registered with the FDA, and that their previous registration was based on an out-dated product, but on closer examination of the FDA website, all Biomat products have been registered as level 2 devices as of 2020 (see below). 

We feel it is important to clarify that information on websites and in company materials infer that FDA registration is inferior to FDA approval, however this is often not the case. FDA approval is only required for devices that have the potential for serious side effects, and therefore must go through clinical trials before being distributed to consumers. As PEMF & FIR mats do not pose significant side effects, they do not have to be FDA approved. 

As a Korean-based company, Biomat products have various certifications for use in Korea and Japan, as well as the standard European certification for consumer use (CE) (See right for all certifications) 

Image from

Warranty & Return Policy


Biomat provides a tiered money back guarantee on all of their products, including the 7000MX product line. Specifically, a full refund is available for 7 days, which decreases to 70% and then 50% over a specific time period, following which there is no refund available after 30 days. In addition, it is important to be aware that if you finance your purchase there is no refund available after the purchase is completed.


Warranty is an extremely important aspect to consider when purchasing a Far Infrared mat, due to the specialized wiring and heating mechanisms embedded within the mat. All Biomat products have a limited 3-year warranty. You can view the warranty document here. 

It is important to note that damaged Biomat controllers costs $200 to replace, however given the excellent reputation of Texas Instruments, which manufactures the controller, need for repair is unlikely.


Biomat also has an excellent trade-in program that allows you to fund new purchases with Biomat products that you have previously purchased. Your original purchases are valued at 30% of the purchase price when traded in for a more expensive Biomat product, or alternatively, Biomat provides a 30% discount for the trade-in when purchasing a less expensive product.

Bottom Line

The Biomat 7000MX is an efficient, effective Far Infrared Therapy mat that comes in at an extremely reasonable price point. In addition, it has met the extremely strict health standards required for Korea, Japan and the U.S. Overall, the high quality manufacturing process and numerous positive customer reviews makes this a great option for those looking for a Far Infrared mat.


Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat

Healthy Wave Classic PEMF Mat

Bemer Classic 

Biomat 7000mx

















Customer Reviews

Michelle Weber
Michelle Weber
Read More
I absolutely love the Professional Biomat. I started my healing journey 4 years ago in Pennsylvania. A close friend of mine that is an energy healer also has a Biomat. I had gone to her to help me and she had me lay on her Biomat, I just felt relief and relaxation. I had gone to her regularly as she worked on me while laying on the Biomat. It has helped me so much. I had moved to Arizona 3 years ago and continued on getting all my energy healing certifications. I love the crystal healing, and that is why I just love the Biomat so much. It goes hand and hand with all of my healing practices. I am so excited about getting the new Biomat Professional, and Biomat Pillow. Thank you so much for such a great product, and such wonderful people to work with!!!
Trish C.
Trish C.
Read More
I learned about the Biomat from Marilyn my massage therapist. I’ve been seeing her for my back and neck pain and my general difficulty sleeping due to pain and stress. On a treatment visit I discovered something different about her massage. I asked her what was different and she mention she was now treating her patients on the Biomat. I asked her all about it and she offered a demo for a week. After one week I was able to sleep all through the night. I also noted a sharp reduction in pain. I purchased the Biomat right away. After six months I’m sleeping deeply throughout the night and my neck feels better. Before the Biomat I couldn’t look straight up at the ceiling from a standing position. Now, I can look straight up, pain free.
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