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The Classic PEMF Mat is the first value-focused PEMF product, focusing on synergies to maximize therapeutic value


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If you want to learn more about PEMF therapy before reading our product reviews, click here.

Review Criteria

For every product we review, we highlight the 3 most important factors that consumers consider when purchasing a PEMF product. These factors were determined by aggregating the most popular keywords from hundreds of customer reviews on multiple company and distributor websites.


Mat Features: What PEMF mat features customers find valuable really depends on their individual health needs. Some mats offer a wide range of customizable therapy options that benefit a wide customer base, while other mats offer more fine-tuned therapeutic options for a specific market. We do the research for you and provide information that allows you to choose a mat that best fits with your individual needs. 


Mat Design: With customers generally paying over $1,000 for the best PEMF mats, there is an expectation that increased purchase cost will translate into products with greater durability and functionality. Extremely specialized manufacturing processes and parts also means that repairs and replacements can be a costly and cumbersome process. Therefore, it is important to purchase a product that is built to last for many years. 


Customer Service & Assurance: Higher price tags go hand-in-hand with an expectation of enhanced customer service. This is true for the majority of PEMF mat products. In general, our research indicates that companies that sell directly to consumers provide greater support and more streamlined services compared to those who purchased through distributors. 


Our analysis takes into account the type and duration of warranties and guarantees, as well as any industry certifications associated with a specific PEMF product. Positive indicators in this category signify that both the manufacturer and third party reviewers have a high level of confidence in the product, which is foundational to customer assurance.

Our First Thoughts

From an aesthetic perspective, we were not too impressed with the Classic PEMF mat, especially when compared to the Multi-Wave PEMF mat from Healthy Wave (newer version of this model), as well as Bemer or Biomat products. 



However, this mat was made with functionality and simplicity as key priorities, so we could eventually get over the look given how well the mat functioned. The easy to use controller and quick warm-up times had us loving the mat right from the start. It proved to be the high value mat it was marketed as. 



Where this mat is lacking is in its customizability (compared to the Multi-Wave mat) and weight (exceeds 25 lbs depending on the size). If you can get over the three main pain points for us: Aesthetic, limited customization, and weight, it is one of the best value for money mats on the market. 

Classic PEMF Mat vs New Multi-Wave PEMF Mat

The Classic PEMF mat offers 5 therapies including: infrared therapy, phototherapy, and, most importantly, PEMF therapy, which utilizes “optimal” PEMF wavelengths according to the company. Check out differences between the Classic and Multi-Wave PEMF Mat below.

Healthy Wave ModelsCompare
Multi-Wave PEMF Mat
Classic PEMF Mat
PEMF CustomizationProgrammability
4 Step custom programs (choose wave type, frequency & intensity at each step)
Not programmable
PEMF Frequency LevelsCustomization
25 Levels (1 - 25 Hz)
7.83 Hz
PEMF Intensity LevelsCustomization
5 Levels up to 3000 milliGauss (mG)
1 Level at 3000 mG
PEMF Waveform OptionsCustomization
2 Types (Sine or Square Wave)
1 Type (Sine Wave)
5 crystal types, 60 Photon Lights
3 crystal types, 24 Photon Lights

Pricing Options

Healthy Wave offers 11 options (5 of which are pictured below) within their Classic PEMF product range, starting at $499 USD. The primary difference amongst these options is the size of the mat, with increasing price tags for increasing sizes of mats. The most expensive models fit queen and king-sized beds (pictured below). Healthy Wave also offers a chair mat, designed for use on chairs and sofas, which is one of the more popular original PEMF products from Healthy Wave because of its adaptability and low price point. Also available on their website, the new Multi-Wave product line from Healthy Wave provides multiple upgrades to the original models at a slightly higher price point.

Classic Mat PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy utilizes pulsed low-level electromagnetic waves generated within a range of specific frequencies through the heating of copper coils to provide therapeutic benefits. The key attributes of these electromagnetic waves that are used in PEMF devices today include frequency, intensity and waveform. For the purpose of this review, we will focus on these attributes, but to learn more about PEMF Therapy, click here. Additionally, to learn about the full PEMF specifications in the Classic mat, click here

All Classic PEMF mats are designed with 6 copper PEMF coils. This makes up the “hardware” of the PEMF technology within the mat. The controller and related software application allow the user to change the temperature and duration of the PEMF therapy session, but it is limited to these 2 variables. If you are looking to purchase a Healthy Wave product, but want more control, check out our review on the Multi-Wave product line. 

Frequency, intensity and waveform are the three variables that primarily determine how effective PEMF therapy will be for a given individual. While there are general guidelines for “effective” combinations of these three variables for PEMF therapy, it is not a “hard” science, meaning there is no specific combination that consistently provides benefits for a specific health issue. The original PEMF mat from Healthy Wave has limited customization features (i.e. you may not be able to try out different “types” of PEMF with this product), however it still offers a good quality PEMF therapy within these limitations, has an easy to use controller, and overall, provides good value for money.

PEMF Frequency

It is generally accepted that PEMF frequencies break down into two groups: Below 100Hz (most PEMF mats) and above 100Hz (select PEMF devices). 

Below 100Hz


Frequencies below 100Hz are also known as “cell signaling” frequencies, assisting with disease that originates from within the body (“breakdown” of normal bodily functions). This essentially means that frequencies in this range aid in stimulating cells to do things they would normally do if your bodily systems were working optimally. Specific benefits can include improved blood circulation, better digestion, reducing inflammation and pain etc. General wellness can be improved using frequencies under 100Hz. 

Above 100Hz


Frequencies above 100Hz can match “resident frequencies” of pathogens. This means that for PEMF to have any effect of disease originating from outside of the body (ex. bacteria, viruses etc.), it must use a frequency to match the resident frequency, causing pathogen cells to vibrate to the point of destruction. 

The Healthy Wave Classic PEMF Mat utilizes a PEMF frequency of 7.83 Hz, which matches the natural frequency pulsation of the Earth (Schumann Resonance). The frequency within the Classic PEMF Mat is not customizable, like it is in the Multi-Wave mat (if comparing only Healthy Wave products). It logically is the “safest” frequency for a PEMF mat to operate at, given that the natural frequency aligns with the body’s biological rhythms. This frequency falls within the “cell signalling” frequency range, meaning it is best used to improve general wellness.  

PEMF Intensity

Most PubMed studies evaluate the effectiveness of PEMF intensity within a range of 1 – 10 Gauss, therefore making the popular general benefits of PEMF therapy effective based on current research within that range. However, there are studies such as this one showing the positive effects of PEMF therapy for treating specific ailments such as osteoarthritis at much higher intensities (>100 millitesla (mT) , where 1 mT = 10 Gauss). The Classic PEMF mat offers an intensity level of up to 3 Gauss. 


Aside: With any low intensity PEMF device (like Bemer, Healthy Wave etc.), it is always important to set realistic expectations about the therapy received. Everyone’s body responds differently to magnetic fields, and artificially generated ones can produce both positive and negative results. At extremely low levels, the electromagnetic fields generally do not have the potential for harming anyone, but on the flip side, they have generally not been found to be particularly beneficial for addressing specific health conditions. 


In comparison, there is growing evidence that PEMF devices that generate high intensities are beneficial for treating specific health conditions, but also have the potential for greater side effects. This is the reason most low intensity PEMF devices and mats are FDA class 2 registered (lower risk) while higher intensity devices are FDA class 1 registered (higher risk) or require FDA approval. 

PEMF Waveform

Just as there is considerable diversity in the nature of waveforms in nature, there is also considerable variation in waveforms in PEMF mats and devices. Waveform variation is dependent on multiple factors such as frequency, which affects the wavelength inversely (ex. higher frequency = shorter wavelength). 


There is no “best” waveform, nor can wave forms utilized in a specific study be necessarily replicated exactly. Consumers need to be particularly cautious of companies that claim a “superior” waveform or directly compare their product with third party studies (e.g. The Nasa Square Wave study). 


This being said, the sinusoidal (sine) wave is currently the most investigated waveform in PubMed studies, while the square waveform tends to be used with higher intensities when compared to sine waves. 

Within its range of frequency and intensity, the Classic PEMF mat operates on a Sinusodial (sine) waveform. 

Healthy Wave implements it’s waveform(s) through bi-phasic pulsation, meaning the waveform (either sine or square) alternates pulses in opposite directions. This is the implementation that is followed by a majority of PEMF mat companies. 

Classic Mat Far Infrared Therapy

Infrared is the type of heat a person feels on their skin while exposed to the sun. Currently, Far Infrared therapy is used in various medical fields with further studies being conducted to widen and improve its range of efficacies. 


Current infrared trials focus on delivering specific light wavelengths to injury damaged areas of the body to assist cells with their self-regenerative repair processes. 


Infrared, unlike harmful ultraviolet emissions, improves blood circulation to aid with the delivery of oxygenated blood to injured areas, thereby promoting quicker deep tissue healing while simultaneously alleviating injury related pain.



One of the beneficial properties of infrared light is its capacity to penetrate the skin’s layers to deliver far greater depth for effective pain relief in a natural pain-free, non-invasive package offering immense benefits to body health.

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat, Classic PEMF Mat, and Plus Size PEMF Mats offer FIR therapy as a simple, painless and effective treatment that utilises certain light frequencies to reduce chronic and acute pains.


Like the Multi-Wave Mat, the Far Infrared therapy incorporated into the Classic PEMF Mat requires substantially lower temperatures to generate healing infrared heat levels when compared to conventional heating mats, allowing users to extend their therapy sessions while remaining comfortable for longer. 


The Classic PEMF mat delivers infrared light therapy as a means of improving cardiovascular health, enhancing detoxification, reducing pain, inflammation, and muscular injury, as well as a potential supportive cancer treatment.

FIR Benefits

Pain and Inflammation: 


Infrared light therapy is a proven safe, effective and painless remedy for reducing pain and inflammation because of its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin layers, thereby improving blood flow and delivering much needed nutrition and oxygen to injured areas. 


Infrared treatment also improves mitochondrial action within cells, which in turn triggers the repair and growth of cells that make up muscle tissue, thereby speeding the recovery time of muscular injuries.


Cardiovascular Health:


Infrared light therapy improves cardiovascular health by increasing nitric oxide production, which is an important signalling molecule in blood vessel health. Nitric oxide assists with relaxing arteries, which aids with the prevention of blood clots in arterial vessels. Moreover, nitric oxide combats free radicals, which in turn prevents oxidative stress and aids with regulating blood pressure. 


Nitric oxide is an essential element in by improving the circulation of blood, thereby delivering additional nutrients and oxygen to injured body tissue. In fact, research has shown that infrared therapy has proven to hasten the healing of wounds by stimulating injured tissue regeneration.

Potential Cancer Treatment:


Results of research that looked at the application of infrared therapy as a viable cancer treatment indicates that there is significant improvement in the activation of nanoparticles during exposure to radiation in infrared wavelengths. This method of activation renders the nanoparticles highly toxic to adjacent cancer cells.

Classic Mat Negative Ion Therapy

Negative ions are invisible, tasteless, odourless molecules that proliferate the air in certain types of environment. Consider how we experience the air quality while amongst mountains, on beaches, and around waterfalls. Nature creates negative ions as a result of air molecules breaking apart due to the effects of radiation, sunlight, moving water, and air.


Once these negative ions enter the bloodstream, they produce certain biochemical reactions responsible for increasing serotonin, our mood improving chemical. Serotonin relieves stress, alleviates depression levels while boosting our energy during daytime and is the reason negative-ion generators have become prolific at retailers.


Ion therapy involves the generation of negative ions in the air around the source (ex. the Classic PEMF Mat). Ion therapy assists with alleviating the effects of allergies by filtering out allergens such as dander and dust mites.

Healthy Wave Classic PEMF Mats incorporate three types of crystals into their design: Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade (read more about crystal therapy here)


Similar to the Multi-Wave PEMF mat, this combination emits up to 3,000+ negative ions per square inch. Consumers are encouraged to consider the heaviness of the mat, especially if you will be travelling frequently and are planning to take the mat with you. However, for those who are keen fans in the health benefits associated with negative ion therapy that incorporates the use of crystals, this product or the Multi-Wave PEMF mat may be the right fit for you! 


Currently, the US standards authority imposes no set guidelines or standards to guarantee manufacturers incorporate adequate protection against harmful EMFs. In response, Healthy Wave ensures all their products adhere to the extremely strict Swedish Standards benchmark of 3 mG (maximum) for EMF protection. Test measurements of Healthy Wave products typically deliver results of approximately 0.5 mG at mat surfaces. However, dependant on the specific model tested, the results may vary from 0.05 mG to 1.5 mG, with both low, and more importantly high results remaining well below the stringent standard imposed by the Swedish standards authority.

Classic Mat Phototherapy

Phototherapy, also known as “photon light therapy”, involves the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to treat skin conditions. For thousands of years exposure to natural sunlight has proven beneficial in the treatment of specific skin disorders. Studies have shown ultraviolet frequencies of the sun’s radiation as the most effective in phototherapy, particularly UVA and UVB frequencies.


The use of Broadband UVB, together with Narrowband UVB, has proven most effective in brief exposures for treating skin conditions such as severe eczema and psoriasis. In addition, psoralen + UVA is a process combining a sensitizer with UVA to treat cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, vitiligo, and psoriasis.


Phototherapy utilises ultraviolet light to reduce inflammation in skin disorders and in psoriasis cases, thereby preventing or reducing the formation of thickly scaled skin. In vitiligo sufferers, phototherapy assists with the stimulation of melanocytes, which are the cells responsible for pigment production in the skin.


In all the above cases, phototherapy offers a natural, safe, painless, and steroid-free alternative to topical steroids.

The Classic PEMF mat incorporates 24 LED photon (Red) lights to offer a specialized form of phototherapy complimenting all other forms of therapy offered in the mat. The therapy is implemented at a wavelength of 660 nanometers, towards the lower range of the proven effective wavelengths. Research demonstrates that this range is the one with the most effective wavelengths.

Photon Lights on the Classic PEMF mat

Recap: Therapies Included

There have been countless positive customer reviews on the Classic PEMF Mat from Healthy Wave, and we tend to agree with their sentiments. In our opinion, the Classic PEMF Mat provides great value for money, even if it lacks some of the aesthetics and functionality of the Multi-Wave Mat from Healthy Wave. If you have read the Multi-Wave review as well, you may have noticed many similarities between the Multi-Wave Mats and the Classic Mats. While a large part of the construction stays the same, the software and functionality of the mat is drastically improved in the Multi-Wave product line. Here we will summarize the key points within the features of the Classic PEMF Mat. 

Classic Mat Design

The Classic PEMF Mat is constructed with layers of high quality, non-toxic material in order to provide it’s 5-in-1 therapeutic system. For effective PEMF therapy, the mat includes 6 pure copper coils. Copper coils are highly conductive, making them an excellent option for providing PEMF therapy. The following list describes the key components of the construction of the Classic PEMF Mat. As described earlier, construction of the mat is similar to the Multi-Wave product line, apart from the crystal design, and some internal circuitry that enables the additional customization found in the Multi-Wave mats. The one downside of this design is that it may look slightly out-dated to those who prefer their PEMF mat to have a more modern and streamlined appearance.

Healthy Wave Customer Service

Sales Method

The Classic PEMF Mat is constructed with layers of high quality, non-toxic material in order to provide it’s 5-in-1 therapeutic system. For effective PEMF therapy, the mat includes 6 pure copper coils. Copper coils are highly conductive, making them an excellent option for providing PEMF therapy. The following list describes the key components of the construction of the Classic PEMF Mat. As described earlier, construction of the mat is similar to the Multi-Wave product line, apart from the crystal design, and some internal circuitry that enables the additional customization found in the Multi-Wave mats. The one downside of this design is that it may look slightly out-dated to those who prefer their PEMF mat to have a more modern and streamlined appearance.

A variety of PEMF Mat companies employ sales through various strategies, such as Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) or third party distribution on through verified sellers. 


Healthy Wave sells their Classic PEMF mat directly to the consumer (DTC) through their online store. All Classic PEMF model sizes, as well as a range of other PEMF and Far Infrared products can be found on the Healthy Wave site. We also review the Multi-Wave PEMF mat line from Healthy Wave, which can be viewed here.


The Classic PEMF Mat is an FDA registered Level 2 Device. All therapy mats on the Healthy Wave store are FDA registered, and therefore are safe for home use. Levels within FDA registration are graded from 1-3 based on level of risk to users. Examples of Level 2 Devices that are not PEMF devices include powered wheelchairs and some pregnancy test kits, so users can be assured that Healthy Wave Products are extremely safe for use. Additionally, Classic PEMF products (and all Healthy Wave products) are approved by the FCC, meaning the electromagnetic interference produced by the mats are safe. All Healthy Wave Products also contain the CE certification, meaning they are approved as safe for use in Europe. 

Healthy Wave also has a Far Infrared and Negative Ion certification, as well as a Gemstone Crystal Certification from the Gemological Appraisal Industry (GAI), which provides reassurance that only authentic crystals used in the construction of the mats. 

Healthy Wave also has a Far Infrared and Negative Ion certification, as well as a Gemstone Crystal Certification from the Gemological Appraisal Industry (GAI), which provides reassurance that only authentic crystals used in the construction of the mats. 

Warranty & Return Policy


Healthy Wave provides an unparalleled money back guarantee on all of their products, including the Classic PEMF product line. The 45-day satisfaction guarantee showcases the company’s confidence in it’s product, and is significant considering most competitors offer tiered money back offers capped at 30 days, or sometimes no return options at all. 


The only caveat to the return policy is that the customer must pay return shipping cost (to offset the risk of people consistently purchasing and returning product for free use). 


Warranty is an extremely important aspect to consider when purchasing a PEMF mat, due to the extensive wiring and heating process of the mat to emit different types of waves in order to provide therapy. The Classic PEMF mat has a full 15-month USA mat warranty and an extended 5-year controller warranty. 


The difference in periods for the mat versus the controller comes down to the fact that the controller is the easiest part of the product to wear down, and therefore has an extended warranty to cover any potential damage. It is key to note that in comparison the Multi-Wave PEMF product line comes with a full 2-year mat warranty. 

Bottom Line

The Classic PEMF Mat line from Healthy Wave is what made the company popular within the PEMF industry, and for good reason. We like the simplicity of the controller, even though it doesn’t allow for the level of customization the new controller with the Multi Wave PEMF mats does. The primary benefit of the Classic PEMF mat is the 5 in-1 therapy, with a good quality PEMF therapy option. The product line includes on of the least expensive PEMF product on the market, with a high quality build. The products we own from Healthy Wave have not broken down or suffered from everyday wear and tear, so it’s clear that the less expensive price tag is not a result of skimping in the manufacturing process. 


Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat

Healthy Wave Classic PEMF Mat

Bemer Classic Set

Biomat 7000mx

















Customer Reviews

Bonnie B.
Bonnie B.03/13/2019
Read More
Mornings were the worst part of the day. I would wake after 5- 6 hours of poor quality sleep. My muscles and joints aching to the degree that I would take the stairs one step at a time holding on the banister for dear life. I had gotten used to the pain, but what I couldn't get use to was my lack of motivation, depression and weight gain that came along with it. A friend saw me struggling at Pilates class and suggested I try out the 5 Therapy Healthily Wave mat. I truly believe that my life changed that day!. After less than a week of two 20 minutes session of laying on the mat daily, my sleep increased by 2 hours per night. The quality of sleep was better and I awoke refreshed. My hands, wrists, back and hips stopped aching and my legs were less puffy. My family has noticed a difference in my energy level and I am no longer struggling to pick up my grandbabies. My Healthy Wave mat is now my new best friend.
Dianne Zakowicz
Dianne Zakowicz05/18/2019
Read More
I am a new owner of the healthy wave mat for about 6 weeks and I must say using another mat I seemed to have hit a plateau and couldn’t move on for the better Since my new mat I can feel the difference for the better and having the 5 therapy s one being heat I just love love love my healthy wave mat I can’t believe the difference I’m living my life again I have been living with chronic pain for a many years and now I can say I found my magic pill I would like to thank all at healthy wave mat for their dedication to helping others to help them to stay healthy in many ways not only for pain and I also have a mat for my 2 chihuahua s they love there mat they both went in for dental work and 2weeks for a recheck at the vets the vet couldn’t believe how fast their gums healed they are well and happy and keep up with there every evening routine I would recommend this product.
Matthew R.
Matthew R. 01/16/2018
Read More
This device is miraculous! It helps me every day to reduce my back issues and gives me the opportunity to drive without any discomfort.
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