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The Classic Set is BEMER’s entry level product, but the high price tag means it won’t be accessible to everyone


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Review Criteria

For every product we review, we highlight the 3 most important factors that consumers consider when purchasing a PEMF product. These factors were determined by aggregating the most popular keywords from hundreds of customer reviews on multiple company and distributor websites.


Mat Features : What PEMF mat features customers find valuable really depends on their individual health needs. Some mats offer a wide range of customizable therapy options that benefit a wide customer base, while other mats offer more fine-tuned therapeutic options for a specific market. We do the research for you and provide information that allows you to choose a mat that best fits with your individual needs. 


Mat Design : With customers generally paying over $1,000 for the best PEMF mats, there is an expectation that increased purchase cost will translate into products with greater durability and functionality. Extremely specialized manufacturing processes and parts also means that repairs and replacements can be a costly and cumbersome process. Therefore, it is important to purchase a product that is built to last for many years.


Customer Service & Assurance : Higher price tags go hand-in-hand with an expectation of enhanced customer service. This is true for the majority of PEMF mat products. In general, our research indicates that companies that sell directly to consumers provide greater support and more streamlined services compared to those who sell through distributors. 


Our analysis takes into account the type and duration of warranties and guarantees, as well as any industry certifications associated with a specific PEMF product. Positive indicators in this category signify that both the manufacturer and third party reviewers have a high level of confidence in the product, which is foundational to customer assurance.

Our First Thoughts

Since we were not able to get our hands on the latest Bemer model prior to this review, we considered our 3 essential factors when purchasing a PEMF product (we have tried out older Bemer models).


Design: All Bemer products are designed and distributed from the company’s factory in Liechtenstein. The mat itself is designed to be extremely portable and applicable to any living area. The mat is resistant to wear, however, it’s portable design does make it more susceptible to damage, especially since the quality of material used in mat design is inferior to that of the Pro Set. All replacement parts come from the head factory and can be purchased directly company websites. 


Features: Bemer products all feature “Bemer Therapy” which is formed around a patented signal that utilizes PEMF waveforms to deliver the therapy. This signal forms the backbone of Bemer products. Bemer products do not offer additional therapy options apart from their PEMF-based signal therapy, and it is inconclusive as to the generalized effectiveness of the patented signal for therapeutic use.


Service & Assurance: Bemer products are FDA Class 2 cleared consumer medical devices, with industry standard warranties, and a 30 day money back guarantee (-10% return fee). The specific service received by customers depends on the distributor they purchase their product from, however, all distributors are highly trained as part of their pre-screening program. 

Check out our recommended distributor here

What is BEMER?

BEMER Int. AG is the parent company that researches, designs, and manufactures BEMER products. Operating within the medical engineering sector, BEMER conducts/supports research in the area of microcirculation, and translates the knowledge gleaned from this research into innovative therapeutic products. BEMER stands for Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation, and was founded in 1998 by current CEO Peter Gleim. BEMER is currently the most researched PEMF product on PubMed


The BEMER sales model is based on a MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) structure, with a network of distributors acting as customer sales and outreach consultants. This sales method is what is speculated to be one of the main reasons underlying the higher prices associated with BEMER products. However, each BEMER product is also the result of years of research and development.


The investment of research-based therapies and attention to detail that BEMER puts into their products is evident in loyal customer base, including hundreds of professional athletes and celebrities. In addition to BEMER products being registered with the FDA as class 2 devices, BEMER impressively holds multiple technology patents, and have also collaborated with NASA as part of a paid research study in the past. 

Importance of Circulation

BEMER products are designed to improve circulation, thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Circulation is the process involving the movement of blood throughout your body, from the largest vessels to the smallest. Blood circulation regulates the nourishment of cells with oxygen and nutrients, the removal of waste products, and many other bodily processes. Scientific findings confirm that optimally functioning circulation is essential in ensuring physical performance and general well being.

BEMER Classic VS BEMER Pro Set

The BEMER Classic Set is the entry-level model in the BEMER product line, with the Pro Set coming in as the high end, “professional” option. Although the Classic Set is the most cost effective option, it also has several drawbacks or limitations compared to the Pro Set. Check out the table below to view the key differences between these products. 

Bemer ModelsCompare
Pro Set
Classic Set
Operating SystemsFunctionality
User InterfaceEase of Use
Touch Screen
Push button digital system
Local ApplicatorsTargeted Therapy
B.Spot , B.Light , B.Pad
Custom Programs: B.Spot & B.PadCustomizability
Local Software UpgradesKeeping Up to Date
Yes, through USB Port
Ship for upgrade

Before we go into detail about why the different factors in this comparison are important, it is important to highlight that these differences are much more surface level, when compared to differences between the different models we compare in our Healthy Wave reviews. This is because the initial software and the therapeutic signal within all BEMER products are the same. Therefore, the benefits gained from purchasing the Pro Set as compared to the Classic Set are not as significant as the benefits of purchasing the Multi-Wave Mat over the Classic PEMF Mat from Healthy Wave. Regardless, there are several important reasons why the Pro Set represents around 95% of BEMER’s sales. The product attributes that convince many customers to choose the Pro Set are outlined below.

Pricing Options

The BEMER Classic Set retails for around $4,290, while the Pro Set is roughly $5,900. The $1,300 cost difference for the upgrade to the Pro Set can be weighed against the fact that the additional applicators cost $545 to purchase on their own ($319 for the B.Pad and $225 for the B.Light), with the remaining difference derived from the Pro Set’s Alcantara microfiber design that provides additional durability. 


As some of the most expensive PEMF products available for mainstream consumer purchase, are BEMER products worth the purchase? We believe the products may be a good fit for some customers depending on their financial situation and their individual needs. However, in general, the price is slightly too high for our liking, considering what it offers in comparison to other product lines. Read on for a detailed comparison and decide for yourself if a BEMER product is right for you. Also, keep in mind that BEMER has a very appealing rental program that allows customers who are not ready to make a large financial purchase right away, to lease a BEMER mat and try it out on a month-to-month basis. 

BEMER also offers a PEMF set that is designed specifically for horses which has received excellent customer reviews. They also recently released a Go-Edition for the Pro-Set, which is available exclusively on the US site (currently at a discounted rate), as the company aims to prioritize the easy portability of their PEMF devices. Click here to visit our trusted distributor’s site for more details on all BEMER product options. 

BEMER Therapy

BEMER claims to use PEMF as a medium to deliver their patented electromagnetic field (EMF) signal, which specifically aims to improve microcirculation within the body. By this they mean that they are using the “pulsed” portion of PEMF, in combination with their patented EMF signal in order to enhance circulation and muscle performance. While this is key to what sets BEMER apart from other PEMF companies, it is important to note that other PEMF mats and devices all stimulate the circulatory system to some level. 


Moreover, there are several studies that showcase the effectiveness of specific therapies within BEMER’s product line, as well as other research studies that have demonstrated inconclusive findings in relation to some BEMER products. However, we found that one of the strongest indicators of customer satisfaction with BEMER therapies is the fact that, on average, only 1 in 1200 BEMER products are returned. So, if you are serious about purchasing a BEMER product, consider our trusted partner for your needs. Based on our research, it is likely that you will be happy with your purchase. 


It is generally accepted that PEMF frequencies break down into two groups: Below 100Hz (most PEMF mats) and above 100Hz (select PEMF devices). 

Below 100 Hz

Frequencies below 100Hz are also known as “cell signaling” frequencies, assisting with disease that originates from within the body (“breakdown” of normal bodily functions). This essentially means that frequencies in this range aid in stimulating cells to do things they would normally do if your bodily systems were working optimally. Specific benefits can include improved blood circulation, better digestion, reducing inflammation and pain etc. General wellness can be improved using frequencies under 100Hz. 

Above 100Hz

 Frequencies above 100Hz can match “resident frequencies” of pathogens. This means that for PEMF to have any effect of disease originating from outside of the body (ex. bacteria, viruses etc.), it must use a frequency to match the resident frequency, causing pathogen cells to vibrate to the point of destruction. 


BEMER products, including the Classic Set, enable two levels of frequency setting: 10 Hz (sleep mode) or 33 Hz. These two frequency levels align with their patented therapeutic signal, and have been the subject of many studies. There is no conclusive evidence as to the superiority of these specific frequencies in implementing PEMF technology, just as there is currently no conclusive evidence on the superiority of any specific frequency level, therefore, from our perspective we tend to prefer products that allow for a wider range of choice in frequency settings. 


Most PubMed studies evaluate the effectiveness of PEMF intensity within a range of 1 – 10 Gauss, therefore making the popular general benefits of PEMF therapy effective based on current research within that range. However, there are studies such as this one showing the positive effects of PEMF therapy for treating specific ailments such as osteoarthritis at much higher intensities (>100 millitesla (mT) , where 1 mT = 10 Gauss). The Bemer Classic Set offers intensity levels between 0.35 – 3 Gauss. 


With any low intensity PEMF device (like Bemer, Healthy Wave etc.), it is always important to set realistic expectations about the therapy received. Everyone’s body responds differently to magnetic fields, and artificially generated ones can produce both positive and negative results. At extremely low levels, the electromagnetic fields generally do not have the potential for harming anyone, but on the flip side, they have generally not been found to be particularly beneficial for addressing specific health conditions. 


In comparison, there is growing evidence that PEMF devices that generate high intensities are beneficial for treating specific health conditions, but also have the potential for greater side effects. This is the reason most low intensity PEMF devices and mats are FDA class 2 registered (lower risk) while higher intensity devices are FDA class 1 registered (higher risk) or require FDA approval. 


Just as there is considerable diversity in the nature of waveforms in nature, there is also considerable variation in waveforms in PEMF mats and devices. Waveform variation is dependent on multiple factors such as frequency, which affects the wavelength inversely (ex. higher frequency = shorter wavelength). 

There is no “best” waveform, nor can wave forms utilized in a specific study be necessarily replicated exactly. Consumers need to be particularly cautious of companies that claim a “superior” waveform or directly compare their product with third party studies (e.g. The Nasa Square Wave study). 

This being said, the sinusoidal (sine) wave is currently the most investigated waveform in PubMed studies, while the square waveform tends to be used with higher intensities when compared to sine waves. 

BEMER’s “unique” therapy centres around its patented waveform: a cascading sine wave that repeats, or pulses 10 or 33 times per second. Multiple research studies specifically using BEMER products have demonstrated positive therapeutic results, specifically through increased circulation. 

Summary: BEMER Therapy

We believe that while there are general guidelines for “effective” combinations of different variables used in PEMF therapy, it is not a “hard” science, meaning there are no specific PEMF settings that consistently provide specific benefits for a certain health issue. 

BEMER states that their patented waveform within their PEMF technology is superior for stimulating circulation. It is good to see that they are not making unfair health claims, and are focusing on superior circulation results as part of their marketing. However, since everyone responds differently to the same therapy, it is hard to generalize. 

The BEMER product line is undeniably the most researched PEMF product specifically for increasing circulation, and based on the quantity of positive research results supporting the effectiveness of their products, we agree it is currently the “best” product for those looking to improve circulation. Consumer categories that might best fit with this type of PEMF product therapy include athletes and people who are seeking to improve general fitness & health. 

Bemer Controllers (R - Pro | L - Classic)

Both the Bemer Pro and Bemer Classic have the same therapy characteristics, as summarized below: 

BEMER Classic Mat Design

The BEMER Classic Set and Pro Set both have an extremely similar design format, with the sole exception being the material used in the mat design. The Pro Set is designed with Alcantara Micro-Fibre material, while the Classic Set uses general leather/suede material. This means that the Pro Set mat is slightly more durable than the Classic Set mat. The structure of the Classic Set differs slightly from the Pro Set, as well as a certain level of PEMF customizability. See below for the full specifications and comparison. 

BEMER Design Structure



BEMER PEMF Customizability



BEMER Customer Service

Sales Method

BEMER sells their mat products and sets from their company site, as well as through their main sales channel: Independent BEMER Distributors (IBD). This sales channel/network is based on commission payouts, and is similar to the MLM marketing format. This may contribute to the higher prices BEMER charges for its products. If you are interested in purchasing a BEMER product, consider visiting our recommended IBD here and let us know what your experience was like!  


BEMER products are FDA registered Level 2 Devices, obtained through the 510(K) form system. In the summary document, under the “indications of use” section, applications include temporarily increasing blood flow in healthy leg muscles, and stimulating muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance (see below). From this description, it is clear to see that these BEMER products are generally not intended to cure any specific disease, but rather focus on improving circulation and facilitating muscle performance. However, as with other PEMF products, there are extraordinary cases that occur, which depend heavily on other variables, so they cannot be generalized. BEMER products have a CE certification, which indicates they are cleared for sale in Europe.

Warranty & Return Policy


BEMER offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the Classic and Pro Set, as well as all other individual accessory purchases. 

These guarantees are automatic when purchasing from the BEMER site directly, but make sure to double check if you are purchasing from an IBD (Distributor) that the guarantee applies, and how to register your BEMER product for eligibility if necessary. The return policy comes with a 10% handling fee for return. As mentioned earlier, the average return rate on a BEMER product is 1 in 1200, highlighting that customer satisfaction and retention is very high. 


Warranty is an extremely important aspect to consider when purchasing a PEMF mat, due to the extensive wiring and heating processes embedded within the mat which are integral to providing effective therapies. 

All BEMER products have a 3-year warranty, apart from the battery and B.Light, which have 6-month warranties. It is good to see that the BEMER controller is included in the 3-year warranty, as the controller is the most likely part of a PEMF product to need replacement. 

Bottom Line

The main therapeutic benefit of the BEMER Classic Set is easy to define after reviewing the FDA 510(k) pre-registration form. It promotes temporary periods of enhanced circulation within the body, specifically microcirculation, through the use of its patented therapy that was designed with PEMF as the delivery medium. Therefore, the BEMER has an extremely specific benefit, and is lightweight and portable. It is also the only company that has created a PEMF product specifically for horses.


Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat

Healthy Wave Pro PEMF Mat

Bemer Classic 

Biomat 7000mx

















Customer Reviews & Endorsements

Boris Becker
Boris BeckerTennis Legend
Read More
My long career as a tennis pro has affected my body very deeply. I feel the enormous physical stress and the many injuries I had suffered all the more today. A fate to which any top athlete can probably relate. Since I started using the BEMER system, I feel a significant relief of my symptoms and my general well-being has substantially improved.
Reto Hollenstein
Reto HollensteinCyclist
Read More
The BEMER applications help me regenerate much faster and better after trainings and competitions. Because of that, I have a higher performance capacity. The new Sleep Program gives me a jump-start into the day and also allows me to regenerate even better. I can barely imagine a day without BEMER now.
Claudia Pechstein
Claudia PechsteinOlympic Speed Skating Champion
Read More
I apply the BEMER 3000 during training for accelerated regeneration. This is especially important during intensive training periods and high altitude training. Furthermore I am under the impression that the fast regeneration also stabilises my performance level and influences my immune system positively so my body is more resistant to sickness. The shorter regeneration periods also imply a lowering of my injury risk and lowers the effects of over training. In my opinion, the use of the BEMER 3000 Therapy System makes sense and I can highly recommend the use of the BEMER
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