What Science says about Cancer Prevention and Electromagnetic Therapy

Throughout the article we will be discussing what current scientific evidence has to say about research on the correlations between electromagnetic therapy and cancer.

Does Stress or Negativity cause Cancer?

The association between negative thoughts, cancer and stress is a regular topic that arises on social media and in the news. However, there is no concrete evidence or studies that negative thinking or stress can actually raise a person’s risk of cancer.

The studies that have been performed to date recording people’s stress levels and their likelihood of cancer concluded that high levels of stress doesn’t mean that you are more likely to develop a disease.

Throughout the studies performed it is very difficult to pinpoint one or a few factors that affect cancer risk and thus even with hundreds of large studies performed, scientists can still not say with 100% certainty weather or not negativity or stress cause cancer. Even when an increased risk of cancer in people who perceive themselves to be stressed is recorded in a study, it doesn’t necessarily mean that stress itself is the underlying cause.

Stress can affect whether people smoke, drink alcohol, how much they eat and how much sleep they are getting. All of these things do affect cancer risk.

Electromagnetic Therapy – How does it work?

The concept of using electromagnetic therapy to treat and cure cancer is not a new idea. In the 1920’s, An American novelist called Royal Raymond Rife build and designed the first known device that attempted to use electromagnetic pulses to try and kill cancer cells. The machine was known as the Rife machine.

Rife machines – or some other similar devices producing low-frequency electromagnetic pulses – have been found to have multiple benefits for cancer patients in small sessions of low frequency pulses.

Our bodies use tiny electrical currents to function, for example our heart uses electrical currents to beat. Using electromagnetic therapy with low-frequency in the proper Pemf Therapy Mat can have dramatic impacts on improving your these types of health conditions.

Other forms of electromagnetism also play a role in cancer treatment. High-frequency electromagnetism underpins imaging equipment, like X-raysCT and MRI scans.

And of course radiotherapy – a cornerstone of treatment – consists of high-energy electromagnetic waves that destroy tumours.

Science is making constant progress, so we can only hope that electromagnetic therapy will continue to help prevent cancer, stress and other related issues.

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