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How to purchase a PEMF mat

With the popularization of PEMF technology, more PEMF mats are being designed and manufactured than ever before. These mats are part of a very exciting frontier in the hield field; one that explores and tests therapies that involve energy waves we cannot see but can potentially provide huge health benefits. There are many companies that produce a variety of PEMF mats, all claiming to have the “best” product out there. With this guide, it will be easier to choose the right PEMF mat for you! 

Our top picks

The all-in-one PEMF mat : Healthy wave Pro PEMF Mat

The Healthy Wave PRO PEMF Mat contains 8 copper coils that heat to produce PEMF therapy at an optimal 8.5 Hz frequency. The mat also includes crystal and negative ion therapy, with a structure that is made up up of amethyst, tourmaline and jade crystal. Additionally, the  mat contains 12 photon lights, which gives the mat a phototherapy function.

The Healthy Wave Mat contains the most therapies in a single PEMF mat on the market. It’s only downside is that all the technology inside of it makes it heavier and less mobile than other mats on the market, but if you are looking for a mat designed for high performance, this is the mat for you.

For office & on the go needs : What is the Healthy Wave chair mat?

The Healthy Wave chair mat is the smaller, more mobile version of the PRO PEMF Mat. It can be moved around with more ease than the PRO PEMF Mat, and is designed to be used on a chair, perfect for providing all PRO mat therapies for office, car, and general seating needs. The chair mat can also be laid flat and used like a normal mat.

Compare our top picks: How does the Healthy Wave compare to Bemer?

When comparing two PEMF mat products, you have to look inside of the mats. Inside a bemer mat, there is only one main form of PEMF therapy which helps you relieve stress and remain focused. There are additional forms of PEMF therapy, but they are more limited. Inside a Healthy Wave PRO mat, there is optimal ranges of PEMF therapy (7-8 Hz) and up to 3,000 mG of dynamic field strength. While Bemer is made up of copper coils and insulation, Healthy wave uses 70% crushed amethyst, 15% tourmaline, and 15% obsidian crystal in their PRO mats. The technology and design of the Healthy Wave mats are not only high performance, but are also more expensive to manufacture than Bemer mats. It’s brings to question why Bemer mats are priced so much higher than Healthy Wave. 

The established product: Bemer Classic ($$$) 

The Bemer Classic set is the base set for the Bemer line of PEMF mat products. The Classic set comes with a small set of additional applicators and accessories, such as the B.Spot and B.Scan. The mat itself contains 6 copper coils and has a sleek design, however, this design for mobility and looks isn’t matched by the content in the mat. Bemer does provide quality PEMF therapy with their mats, however their focus on PEMF therapy means that they don’t provide any other kinds of therapy, so it is hard to justify their extremely high price point, which is unaffordable to most people. 

More accessories: Bemer Pro ($$$$)

The Bemer Pro set is the high end set for the Bemer line of PEMF mat products. The Pro set comes with all components of the classic set plus a back/knee strap for targeted therapy and a B.Light applicator for application on skin conditions. The Pro set also has a brand new, redesigned mat. These additions and redesigns are meant to justify the extremely high price, however the new mat has only a few changes made to it, and the new mat operates based on the same intensity and signal available in the older model. The new model does feature a sleep mode which operates at 10 Hz to provide relaxation for the user at nighttime, even though 10 Hz is higher than the frequency required for sleep (perfect sleep frequencies are between 0.5 and 7 Hz). 

A more mobile (and cheaper) alternative: B-sit Applicator

The Bemer B-sit Applicator is designed for people who sit for long hours throughout the day and who have periods of low energy. The B-sit Applicator only requires you to have the controller to work. While this applicator is cheaper, the controller still costs over $3,000 USD. 

For your bed : Healthy Wave Queen/King sized PEMF mat 

If you’re looking for PEMF therapy to cover your entire bed, Healthy Wave has you covered. They are the only company that offers mats to fit a full Queen or King sized bed and have the appropriate settings to ensure the correct intensity of PEMF therapy is being used during sleep. The bed sized mats from Healthy Wave all have the same structure as their Far Infrared PEMF mats, so they are still filled with crystals, and have 4 therapies including PEMF therapy available to use. 

3 Rules for buying a PEMF mat

1. More money doesn’t always mean more quality 

When considering if it is worth it to buy a extremely expensive mat compared to a cheaper one, you have to be aware that the more established brands such as the Bemer are selling you their products at an extremely high cost compared to their competitors due to the extensive brand they have built, often through tireless use of Multi Level Marketing and third party websites. Therefore, spending more money does not mean that you are necessarily getting a mat that delivers more therapies and quality than a more affordable mat.


2. Don’t go for looks 

When looking to buy different PEMF Mats, make sure that you research the technology within the mats rather than what the outer shelling looks like as the money you are spending is based on the technology in the mat. If you don’t like the look of one of the mats, it can always be covered by a outer sheet, as the PEMF therapies will work through a thin layer of fabric. It is important to prioritize value over aesthetics when looking to purchase a mat, as you want to get as much of a return out of your investment as possible. 

3. More therapies = more value 

When looking at a PEMF Mat to buy, the two main things to look for are the total amount of therapies within the mat and how effective the therapies are when used together. One of the biggest factors that most people overlook when researching a PEMF Mat is how the PEMF therapies are used together total healing, rather than focusing on just the PEMF therapy for results. 


How about Healthy Wave mat? 

Healthy Wave is a relatively new company in the health mat marketplace & are rapidly gaining traction within the community. They build quality PEMF mats with more content in the structure than any other mat on the market. They have testing and support to back-up their claims and have quality manufacturing which results in them providing an extremely high quality product. They don’t utilize Multi Level Marketing in their marketing agenda, which allows them to grow their brand organically and price their products at a relatively affordable price point compared to competitors mats. 


What accessories do I need with my mat? 

When looking at the different accessories that you may need for your PEMF Mat, we recommend that you see what ailments and issues you have to see what you may require. Companies such as Bemer and IMRS offer spot therapy applicators for targeted therapy, however, lying on a PEMF mat or placing an affected area on the mat should provide a similar strength therapy. If you have a skin condition, such as acne, Bemer offers an applicator that helps with various skin conditions.

What is your budget?

PEMF mats can range in price, starting at around $250 and going up to around $30,000, so the prices vary significantly. Does your anticipated use and goal from a PEMF mat match with your budget? For example, if you want to purchase a top of the line mat, it should match a higher budget of around a few thousand dollars. The best made mats are not cheap and neither should they be. They require complex technology to wire them together and produce PEMF therapy.

Should I wait for newer PEMF mats, or buy now? 

The best time to buy a PEMF Therapy Mat is right now! New mats are always entering into the market, however major changes aren’t made very often by the PEMF Mat manufacturers. In order to receive all of the benefits that the mat provides we recommend that you read our mat reviews  in order to make the best decisions regarding your needs. 


Where can I find the latest PEMF mat reviews? 

You can find the latest PEMF mat reviews is right here at pemfmatreviews.com. We update our content regularly, and add new reviews periodically so that you will always be up to date when figuring out which PEMF Mat that best suits your needs!

I have more questions, how can I ask them?

If you have more questions or are looking for details about purchasing PEMF Mats, you can click the link below and it will redirect you to our contact page where we will personally answer any questions that you may have.

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