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Healthy Wave PEMF Mats Review

Healthy Wave PEMF Mats are high quality PEMF and Far Infrared therapy mats, rated as one of the best PEMF mats of 2020. 

All Healthy Wave PEMF mats are designed with crystals and copper coils in the core structure and come in an Amethyst or multi-crystal design. 

Healthy Wave offers the widest selection of PEMF and Far Infrared mats on the market, and we will highlight some of the options below, however, the focus of this review will be on Healthy Wave’s flagship product, the Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat

We will discuss the features available in the Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat, our review scores for the mat based on key metrics and some additional options offered by Healthy Wave. 

To see all Healthy Wave products, check out their website

The PRO PEMF mat’s defining feature is it’s ability to provide useful therapies such as Far Infrared and Phototherapy in addition to it’s powerful PEMF therapy, at a fraction of the cost compared to main competitors.

The mats highlighted in this review are all FDA approved for sale in the USA. 

Healthy Wave Pro PEMF Mat Overview


  • Infrared Therapy
  • Ion Therapy
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Phototherapy




  • PRO PEMF Mat
  • PEMF Infrared Chair Mat
  • PEMF Infrared Mat

Starts @ $778 USD



The Healthy Wave Pro PEMF Mat provides 5 therapies in one mat, and is priced far below it’s main competitors: Bemer and IMRS, who price their mats starting at $4,000-$6,000. The PRO PEMF mat provides great value for money

"As the Healthy Wave Mats utilize the combination of Crystal, Ionic, Far Infrared, Laser Light and PEMF therapy in their healing mats, I believe that they have the ability to produce the best health outcome from all the multiple healing mats I have encountered over the past eight years"
Dr. Dharmesh Natha
Integrative MD, has experience with healthy wave mats, bemer and imrs

The PRO PEMF mat from Healthy Wave has the following therapies included. Each therapy provides a specific benefit and can be used together or seperately. This gives Healthy Wave mats a wider range of therapeutic applications when compared to other mats. 

Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy stimulates muscular healing and injury recovery by improving the oxygen flow and content in the blood. Learn more about FIR Therapy

The Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat requires a lower temperature to generate infrared heat when compared to other FIR mats such as Biomat, meaning that users can stay on the mat for longer.

The Healthy Wave FIR mat is a good option for anyone looking for an effective FIR therapy mat, without the multiple therapies provided in the PRO mat. 

Ion Therapy utilizes negative ions that are essential to counteract positive ions from electromagnetic fields (EMF) released by devices such as cellphones, laptops, and computers. Learn more about Ion Therapy

The Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat utilizes a combination of 4 crystals (compare to 1 to 2 crystals used in the Biomat) to produce 1,500 negative ions per square inch. 

Alternatively, the Healthy Wave produces a FIR mat that emits 3,000 negative ions per square inch, for those looking for a more concentrated therapy. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) Therapy is a revolutionary therapy that is quickly gaining a reputation for its healing properties in the health field. PEMF therapy pulses electromagnetic waves at varying intensities to aid the body’s cells to re-energize and has shown to help with chronic pain relief and immune system enhancement amongst many other benefits. Check out our informational page on PEMF therapy

The Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat operates at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, with a strength of 3,000 milligauss (3 gauss). The electromagnetic waves are pulsed in a sinusoidal, bi-phasic waveform. 

This waveform is used in the PRO PEMF mat because it is the closest to that of the Earth’s natural magnetic field and has been determined to be the most effective waveform to deliver PEMF therapy.

Phototherapy is a type of tissue repair and pain relief therapy that uses photon lights. It is acknowledged by the FDA and is based on the principle that your body absorbs light to provide fuel for specific functions in a way similar to plants. Learn more about Phototherapy  

To be useful in therapy, the photon light must be used directly on the skin because the light waveform does not penetrate bodily tissue the same way that Far Infrared light does. 

The Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat contains 12 photon lights that emits light in a waveform that is in the optimal range of 630-830 nanometres. The PRO PEMF contains phototherapy as a specialized function to enhance and amplify the other therapies available in the mat. 

  • Popular
    Healthy Wave PRO PEMF Mat
  • Bemer PRO
Healthy Wave PRO PEMF Mat
Bemer PRO
Far Infrared Therapy
Ion Therapy
PEMF Therapy
Crystal Therapy

All prices are in US Dollars 

Review Scores: Healthy Wave PRO PEMF Mat


The Healthy Wave Pro PEMF mat has pure crystals and copper coils embedded in its structure. It has a multi-crystal design that allows it to amplify it’s negative ion therapy and is finished with 12 photon lights and a multi-material cover to ensure durability. The quality in the mat design is evident and many customers have had their Pro PEMF mat for years with no breakdown or loss in functionality. From all PEMF mats, the Healthy Wave Mat has the most content in its structure, and it has an overall balanced and streamlined feel to it. 


As shown on the chart above, the Healthy Wave Pro PEMF mat has the most therapies when compared to competitors, while having the lowest price. Competitors employ Multi-Level marketing, which means they have to pay more people, resulting in inflated prices. Healthy Wave does not employ such marketing, so they can provide the most value for the lowest price.


The Healthy Wave Pro PEMF mat comes with an industry standard 1 year full product warranty (USA). They also offer a 45 day full money back guarantee, something that is unmatched by any other mat company. Given that certain companies do not even offer a money back guarantee, the nearly 2 month guarantee shows the Healthy Wave’s confidence in it’s own products. 


Apart from the Pro PEMF mat, Healthy Wave offers a wide variety of products, ranging from chair to full sized mats. They have a usually have a product for mostly every need and size situation. Having a variety of options means that customers with all different kinds of budgets can purchase a Healthy Wave PEMF mat. Some of the options are highlighted below. 

Healthy Wave PEMF Mat Options

Pro PEMF Mat: $1,935.70

The Flagship product for Healthy Wave Mat does not disappoint. Complete with an easy to use controller and 5 therapies available, this PEMF mat is filled with 20 lbs of crystals inside, making it a powerful therapy mat that is still light enough to move around.

Mat Score: 95/100

PEMF Infrared Chair Mat: $778.70

The Chair Mat is perfect for home, office and on the go needs. It fits into all chair types and sizes, and is lightweight, making it extremely portable. It can also be laid flat and used like a traditional mat for targeted therapy. However, it is most effective when used in a chair position.

Mat Score: 94/100

PEMF Infrared Full Body Mats: $1,085.00 - $1,740 .00

This mat provides over double the negative ions (over 3000 per square inch) when compared to other Healthy Wave mat products with increased crystal density in the structure of the mat. Due to the increased crystal content, this mat cannot provide phototherapy, however it is still has the essential FIR and PEMF therapies.

Mat Score: 92/100

Plus Size PEMF Mats: $2,573.00 - $3,223 .00

The Plus Size PEMF Mats from Healthy Wave are meant to be placed on a bed for use during the night. The mats can be programmed to emit lower frequencies, so they can be used for longer periods of time at a comfortable temperature during sleep.

Mat Score: 91/100

Where to Buy

All Healthy Wave PEMF mats can be purchased on their website. 

Customer Reviews

Top Rated Healthy Wave Mat Product

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use


  • Offers Industry leading 5 therapies
  • Lowest Priced PEMF mat on the market
  • Made with a combination of 3 crystals for enhanced additional therapies
  • Comes with an unmatched 45 day money back guarantee


  • Heavier mat, cannot be bent

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