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Cerra Water: Alkaline Filter Review

Tap water today is filled with contaminants and toxins, most of which are deceiving because they are colorless, invisible to the eye. Chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides are just some of the harmful chemicals found in regular tap water of around 85% of US households. 

There are many filters on the market aiming to filter out these chemicals, some offering basic filtration properties, while other offer additional benefits, such as mineralization. In this review, we will identify where the Cerra Water filtration system stands in the market, and if it provides enough unique benefits to the consumer to make it a worthwhile purchase. 

Why you should be drinking alkaline water

Today, food, pollution and stress all combine to put our body in an acidic state. Tap water is regulated to be around a neutral pH of 7, but often it falls into the acidic pH range due to chemicals and toxins that can pass through municipal filtration systems. Because of this, tap water doesn’t always accomplish the task of neutralizing your body when it is an acidic state. Drinking alkaline water can improve the acid-base balance and hydration in your body when compared to normal tap water, and if you have no kidney issues, drinking alkaline water should be very safe. 

The 6 stage Cerra Water filtration process explained

The Cerra Water filtration process is the only one of it’s kind in the world. Not only does it filter out all toxic chemicals and alkalizes water, it adds AntiOxidants and Hydrogen, and Microclusters water molecules for easier absorption by the body. 

One extremely unique feature of the Cerra Water system is that it also energizes the water using BFIT technology, completing it’s 6 stage filtration process. 

The Cerra water pitcher is a superior water filter when compared to standard electrical ionizers and filters such as the Brita and Zero Water. These cheaper filters don’t have any of the benefits provided by Cerra Water, apart from removing toxins out of the water. 

The only system that provides some comparable benefits to the Cerra Water system is the Kangen water system, however, Kangen costs over $2,000 dollars, so it is an extremely expensive investment. 

  • Cerra Water
  • Kangen Water
  • Brita
Cerra WaterKangen WaterBrita
Filters out key chemicals and toxins
Adds Anti-Oxidants
Alkalizes water
Micro-Clusters water
Adds Molecular hydrogen
Energizes water
Food Safe Certified
Filter Replacement cost$40$120$7.49

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Cerra Water

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use


  • 6 stage filter for the cleanest, healthiest water
  • Portable design for mobile use
  • Easy to use design, fast filtration time


  • Smaller capacity (only 2L)

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