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Biomat Review

The Richway Biomat was one of the first original amethyst healing mats on the market, established by Richway International in 1997. 

The Biomat has numerous research studies for assessing the different therapies involved with the mat. The most relevant studies that have been performed have been “Far Infrared Radiation” and “the effects of Photon/Thermal therapy” for people with chronic pain. 

This review will focus on the Biomat 7000mx, the flagship Biomat product that incorporates the full range of Biomat offered therapies 

The mats highlighted in this review are all FDA approved for sale in the USA. 

The Biomat 7000mx is able to provide concentrated Far Infrared and Ion therapy with an 17 layer design, however, many layers are simply insulation, with the key layers being amethyst and in newer versions, a tourmaline/TOCA layer as well. It’s main competitor is the Healthy Wave FIR mat

Biomat 7000mx Overview


  • Infrared Therapy
  • Ion Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy




  • Biomat 7000mx
  • Biomat Mini
  • Biomat Pillow

Starts @ $550 USD



The Biomat 7000mx incorporates all therapies offered by Biomat, with a concentrated combination of Far Infrared and Negative Ion therapy. The 7000mx is a newer Biomat model, and has tourmaline and amethyst to enhance its therapeutic effect. Since the Biomat focuses of FIR and Negative Ion therapy, it does not offer PEMF therapy and also lacks the phototherapy available in the Healthy Wave PRO PEMF mat. However, for those looking for a Far Infrared mat, it is a valid option. 

Available Therapies

Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy stimulates muscular healing and injury recovery by improving the oxygen flow and content in the blood. Learn more about FIR Therapy

The Biomat 7000mx produces 6.5-12 microns (FIR wavelengths) which penetrate the middle to upper area of the body. The Biomat only uses amethyst and tourmaline in its Far Infrared Heat Therapy, compared to the 3 crystal combination with jade in the Healthy Wave FIR mat.

Ion Therapy utilizes negative ions that are essential to counteract positive ions from electromagnetic fields (EMF) released by devices such as cellphones, laptops, and computers. Learn more about Ion Therapy

The Biomat 7000mx only uses a small amount of tourmaline as an additional crystal to produce the negative ions. The amethyst crystal in the main structure produces negative ions but to a lesser degree than the tourmaline. Overall, the Biomat can produce around 1,500 negative ions per square inch, but the limited crystal combination may limit the effectiveness of the Ion therapy. 

Overall when looking at the 2 different available therapies that the Biomat 7000mx provides, the mat falls short in terms of the amount of different therapies and the quality that each individual therapy provides. When comparing the available therapies to the #1 rated mat that we have reviewed, it is far less effective, as the Healthy Wave Pro Mat has a total of 5 different therapies. 

It is key to note that only the newer Biomat products contain tourmaline or a TOCA (TOurmaline CAtch powder) layer, meaning the older products only contain amethyst, which further reduces their effectiveness. The Biomat 7000mx does include both amethyst and tourmaline crystal. 

All prices are in US Dollars

Review Scores: Biomat 7000mx


Biomat uses silicone urethane and heavy cotton on it’s top layer for waterproofing and comfort, and it does provide a comfortable surface upon testing. Apart from the top layer, there are 16 other layers that make up the Biomat 7000mx, but the key layers to focus on are the amethyst and tourmaline layers, or the TOCA layer, as the remaining layers are mostly insulation and padding. 


The Biomat 7000mx provides a quality Far Infrared Therapy with it’s well designed amethyst and tourmaline structure. It is also a reasonably priced product, however, it only provides Far Infrared and Ion Therapy, lacking the 3 additional therapies provided by Healthy Wave mats


There are many different vendors and third party sellers of the Biomat 7000mx, given its large Multi Level Marketing Structure. This results in a variety of different warranty policies and money back guarantees from each seller, as compared to one single policy with a sole seller such as Healthy Wave. The general policies for the Biomat 7000mx are given below

The Biomat 7000mx comes with a 3 year umbrella warranty, but the warranty is limited. Free repairs (replacements are not easily given out) are done within the first year for free, and discounted for the remaining two years. 

For the money back guarantee, full refunds are available only within 7 days of purchase, and past that the refund diminishes. After 15 days from purchase, you can only get a 50% discount, and after 31 days from purchase, you can no longer receive a refund. 


Apart from the Biomat 7000mx, Biomat offers a limited selection of additional products available for purchase. The availability of these products also depends on the seller, as Richway International relies on third party sales. Popular Biomat options are listed below. 

Biomat Product Options


Biomat 7000mx: $1695.00

The Biomat 7000mx is Biomat's top selling product. This is the newest and best mat from Biomat, and has 30 pounds of amethyst crystal that amplifies the far infrared heating system. One of the top benefits of this mat is that is provides great Far Infrared Therapy, but due to its limited crystal structure, it lacks a strong ion therapy similar to that of the Healthy Wave mats, and additionally does not offer key therapies such as PEMF therapy and Phototherapy.

Mat Score: 92/100

Biomat Mini: $670.00

The Richway Mini Biomat is a smaller version of the Biomat 7000mx. It has the same design and materials, as well as the same functions and range of temperatures. Many people own both the Biomat 7000mx and the Mini Biomat.

While the Biomat 7000mx uses a TOCA layer to combine powdered amethyst and tourmaline, the Biomat Mini has alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline, and some customers claim that the Mini Biomat produces a slightly more energizing effect as a result.

Mat Score: 89/100

Biomat Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow: $350.00

The Biomat pillow can be used as an accessory to any Biomat mat product, but not as a stand-alone device. The pillow is composed of an outer sheath containing alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline crystal, and an inner part consisting of memory foam. The pillow does not produce any FIR waves or negative ions, and is simply a conductor for the existing therapy being produced by the Biomat mats.

Mat Score: 87/100

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Biomat at Biomat.com as well as various third party sellers who are verified by Richway International online. However, we advise caution and research before purchasing from any of these third party sellers. 




Healthy Wave Mat

Customer Reviews

Top Rated Biomat Product

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of use


  • Has 3 therapies available, second to Healthy Wave Mat
  • Provides powerful Far Infrared therapy
  • Has a waterproofed, hardy surface


  • Has a tiered warranty that is more repair based than replacement based
  • Only has a 7 day full money back guarantee
  • Only provides powerful negative ion therapy in newer models

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